How to change the sample rate of MPU6050 DMP with ESP32

Hi forum,

I've been working on ESP32 & MPU 6050 DMP reading for couple days. Currently I have a issue on how to change the sample rate for DMP data. In the file "MPU6050_6Axis_MotionApps_V6_12", line 366 -ish, I can change the sample rate divisor in register 25. When I changed value from 0x04 (200Hz) to 0x13(50Hz), the sample rate did down to 50Hz, but there comes a big lag between my movement and DMP data. (Like, If I rotate sensor in 90 degree, the data will go to 30 degree pretty fast, but almost 10s to go to 90 degree).

I'm sure the DMP can be configured for slow sample rate because I did it once on original Arduino MPU6050.h. So I must miss something in configuration. Maybe some related register?? So I just wondering if anyone has experience with this issue? or someone has some suggestions?

Thanks for all the helps from Arduino forum, I love you guys so much.


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