How to choose arduino?

Hello everyone, I just started arduino. I will buy my first arduino board and because I live in Turkey, there are very few selling sites. There are several models on this site, are there any cards you recommend? Please write.

Arduino Modelleri : Arkotek Elektronik

Arduino uno chip atmega16u2

Think of your project first.
Then take what parts of your project you need to select a suitable board.

Do you need Wi-Fi ?
Do you need low voltage ?
Do you need the board to sleep a lot ?
Do you need it to operate from a Lipo battery ?
How fine do you need any ADC ?
Do you need it to operate a shield ?

Take all your questions then eliminate boards that don't meet your needs.

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If you are just starting out, I recommend the Arduino Uno. It's great for beginners. It's also the most popular option and projects using the UNO are abundant.

My preferred general purpose board is the Nano Every. If you buy one you will also need breadboard to put it on.

Yes, but if you are new the Nano Every is NOT for you. Many of the libraries don't work with it. Just get a Uno if you have a option.

Good point. The problem with a Uno is the lack of a serial port independent of the USB port and the Uno is not suitable for breadboard, both these limitations make it awkward for experimenting with. The Nano Every fits breadboard and has a separate serial port. Do you have a better suggestion?

Well if he could get his hands on a Elegooo Mega 2560 that would help. It is $15 and it works great.

Solves the serial port problem, not breadboard friendly though!

True. But it does have more pins.

I have a Arduino Nano Every and I don't use it barely ever. It is just problematic.
However I am making a Nano to Uno adapter. So maybe getting a Nano would be good for someone with the adapter.

There are some existing NANO to UNO format boards out there already both in kit and fully assembled.

Same with the MKR boards.

MKR is a very bad choice to start with.
I own 5 of them and 3 are RIP.
They are not as robust as the Mega or the Uno.
(If, for example one of the I/O pins remains at +3.3V and they are not fed), they break down.
They are also expensive.


If those are reqirements, consider something based on the 32U4. You even get the option to use it as a HID (for free :smiley: ) in the package. Arduino Micro and SparkFun ProMicro.

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thanks for sharing your concern.
as per my suggestion two most popular and recommended Arduinos for beginners are the Arduino Uno and Arduino MEGA 2560.

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