How to connect a 2650 with screw terminal shield and Ethernet shield?

I'm stumped. I purchased an Arduino Mega 2650 with the DIN screw terminal shield and and Ethernet shield. If I install the screw terminal shield I can't install the Ethernet shield. And if I install the Ethernet shield I can't install the screw terminal shield.

What's the solution?



I'm afraid that's a common ShieldAttack problem.. they do not always play nice together.

On my Home Automation system I have a separate small ethernet module like THIS

I try to never use shields at all on UNO. But the Mega is a bear to connect to without a sensor shield like THIS or a screw shield.

And if I install the Ethernet shield I can't install the screw terminal shield.

I bet you can, but you will have to be more forthcoming about exactly what "the DIN screw terminal shield" is. It sounds like something invented by an idiot in Germany who doesn't know what he is doing but uses the government to force his views on you. Even so, and IF the ethernet shield is the normal one that everybody uses, I suspect the worst that can happen is that you need to get some long headers to go into the Mega pins that the standard ethernet shield doesn't use, thereby presenting the full set of pins for the terminal shield.

You may even find that those bare headers may be better employed grouped into a small shield, and a few pins used for some other device.

An alternative might be to talk to Crossroads, who actually does know what he is doing, and might well have a screw terminal shield for Mega that supports the standard ethernet shield on top.

I think it was designed by an American. Take a look.... Here's a posting for it.

I'm thinking longer header pins would work.

I think the Rugged Duino

has holes for DIN mount hardware

And that would almost work if Crossroads flipped the terminals to the other side.

The problem is releasing the DIN mount, which is done by using a flat blade screwdriver to lift open the plastic mount from the metal rail. I'm going to try out a slot to access the release on the next spin of one of my boards.

I think it was designed by an American. Take a look.... Here's a posting for it.

Actually, that's rather good, and I see that you meant DIN-rail rather than some mysterious DIN spec for a shield, and I was assuming the terminal board was for a Mega, not a Uno. That said, I guess the RJ socket on ethernet shield fouls on the terminal shield. If so, it is normal. Anything that plugs into an Ethernet shield needs long pins, and yes, a set of stackable headers will fix it. The short (5mm) headers will suffice, but ensure they really are headers. Avoid the PCB pinrows with 3mm pins.

@ron_sutherland I looked at the products you suggested I consider for purchase but none of them have Ethernet. How does this solve my problem?

Oops, it does not solve your problem. Guess I just started rambling, I also need a board (prefer DIN mount) to help test some of the RS-422 shields I'm working on, but I don't need Ethernet so that got deleted from my mental list while searching.

UPDATE: what about stacking headers like on this shield

but placed on Crossroads board...

Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing out on a possible solution.