How to - Connect Arduino Uno with ESP8266 R12 (NodeMCU)

Hello Geeks,

Looking for a small help here. I have a Arduino Uno board that I have recently got and already had an ESP8266 that I was using earlier to test some very basic connectivity. Though I was able to find many posts where ESP8266 is connected to Arduino using jumper cables, while the NodeMCU that I have has a miniUSM hence I cannot connect it the way it was shown there.

Would anyone be able to help me how can I connect both with some male/female couplers?
The two specimens are shown in pic here. The WiFi board has number of connectors protruding below (not visible here). Any help shall be appreciated. Thanks.

The ESP8266-12 is a complete microcontroller board like the UNO. Why do you want to connect them?

If you want to communicate between both devices you have to use a communication protocol between both (see and write your own software for both devices.


Hi All,

I need your help for connecting node MCU with Arduino, my task is to control relay over MQTT
but the relay is working on 5v is there is any possibility that I can connect to node MCU via Arduino
as we know Arduino’s output is 5v…please replay asap.