How to connect ESP32 via a SOCKS5 proxy

When I use the WifiClient.connect() method and then send a raw get with the full server URL in the post, I get a message back from the proxy saying its a socks proxy not a HTTP proxy. Which is very true.

If I do the WifiClient.connect() and then wrap it in the HTTPClient.begin() method, same things. I see the logic.

So how can I connect via my SOCKS proxy and handle socks5h protocol connections?

I looked through the ESP32's API in the Networking section but did not find any references to SOCKS proxy. You might ask the folks at ESPRESSIF, sometimes they respond and sometimes they do not.

Thanks I'll give them a go. These devices are so cool, yet so frustrating :slight_smile:

I was hoping someone would have written a library, there are a couple of half-finished TOR builds... Doh :slight_smile: one of the co-authors of the SOCKS RFC I should have thought of writing a wrapper library for the arduino - never crossed my mind - not even sure if I have access to a SOCKS server these days to try (tho I suppose I could run one on an old raspberry pi) - I'll have a look


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