How to Connect Hm-10 Bluetooth Module to my PC


I am trying to connect my Bluetooth HM-10 BLE Module to my PC. I am using Arduino right now to serially connect to the HM-10. I am able to send AT commands to HM-10 using the Serial monitor of the Arduino, however I am unable to connect my PC to HM-10. What should I do?

Since you say nothing about your PC, the operating system it uses, the bluetooth installation, etc., etc., including terminal software, if any, and particularly in view of the fact that "PC" typically alludes to a desktop PC, which quite often don't have bluetooth installed, don't be surprised if you find a deafening silence on this matter.

In the meantime you might start by commenting on:

  1. whether your PC, whatever it is, has a problem connecting via bluetooth to other devices, thereby ensuring
    a. that you know what you are doing generally, and it really is an Arduino problem, and
    b. there is nothing wrong at the PC end.

  2. whether Arduino can communicate with other bluetooth-equipped devices, like your phone, thereby confirming that this is a PC problem, and Arduino is innocent.

  3. neither of the above apply, you have no means of checking, in which case being more forthcoming is all the more essential.