how to control 24 servos with  maxuino

I come here to ask for any help about maxuino and servo motors.
Sorry for the silly questions, I’m a newbie.
I have to control 24 servos thanks to arduino.
I’m at ease with maxuino as I’m working under max msp.
So, I need your help to find the best way to control those servos:
is is possible to control 2 arduinos at the same time with maxuino? did anyone ever use a servo controler board with maxuino ( I don’t even know if it is possible.)
I’m also wondering how to supply power to the servos?
i’m using hitec 311 models and don’t really know how much intensity they need. Is a single power supply enough?
thanks to anybody who will take a minute to give me some precious advice or directions…

please explain or link to what a maxuino is.

Hi Jeremy, thanks for your answer. Maxuino is a pièce of software in Max msp that allows fast prototyping with arduino. It uses firmata which is loaded on the arduino board. No need to program anything else on the arduino; input, or output pins are simply managed via the maxuino patch in Max Msp. My problem could have been posted in the software interfacing topic but as it also deals with controler board and power issue.... it posted it there... :)

Hello, one of the maxuino guys here. I know that Firmata will allow you to use any digital pin to do servo control, and so in theory you could use an arduino mega with firmata and maxuino to control all of your theory. I have heard some reports that there is a point where firmata and the arduino just cannot manage all the various simultaneous pwms needed for more than 6-10 servos...but i haven't tried it for myself. As to the power supply, use your multimeter and check what amperage the red or black wire is pulling when you turn the servo (remember the multimeter has to be in line of the circuit to do this test, not just touching two places like you can test for voltage) and then multiply. I would guess you would need at least 5-10amps for that many servos...pure guess tho. look forward to hearing how you make out. Chris

You could have your arduino control an ssc-32 servo controller ($40), which can control 32 servos.

thanks for your answers (and a great thank chris for this really great tool that you 've created, happy to get a reply from you ) Is this problem with arduino mega frequent? I mean have you heard about such a set up without any issue? (I would like to try it, but I only have a tiny budget so can't afford to spend money in a mega if this solution is not relevant.) If I chose the SS32 solution, I will have to forget maxuino I guess?

I've just seen this post on cyclng 74 forum: Someone doesnt seem to be allowed using more than 15 servos with maxuino. Can someone report using 20 servos with maxuino and an arduin Mega. Is it possible to command a servo controler with an arduino and maxuino? Thanks again

Is it possible to command a servo controler with an arduino and maxuino?

I command my ssc-32 using an arduino. In this case the arduino has a ethernet shield and is running the web server application. I send a servo command string from a brouser to the arduino, and the arduino processes the command string and sends the servo command out its serial port to the servo controller. The ssc-32 servo controller uses ascii command strings for setting servo positions.