How to Control a WS2812 strip with Arduino Uno

Hello. Sorry if this has been covered already. I tried to search for my answer and didn't find anything. I want to make a hanging light for camping. I want to be able to swtich between different modes with some kind of switch or dial. I would want an option that is bright white for like eating and actually seeing. Then I would want to be able to change to a solid color and adjust the brightness for mood lighting. Then I would like to have a few modes that fade and blink.

So far I have a WS2812 Led strip W/30 leds, an Arduino Uno, and a 4AA battery pack. What would be the best way to control the led strip to change between different modes? Whats a good way to control the brightness for a solid color mode? Can you point me to a schematic of how I would wire this, if possible, and tell me what other components I need to buy? Or is there another thread with someone doing something similar, I'm sure there is, this seems pretty simple?

Thank you for your help

Here is the bible to the WS2812 made by Adafruit.

Don't worry if yours is not a neopixel product, the library works anyway.

Thanks, I tried that website but still couldn't find what I was looking for. I'll ask on their forum

Could I somehow wire up a button, that when pushed, will make the led's go to the next program in the list. If so how would I wire it and program it. Thanks again

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