LED Light Strips

I just bought this arduino uno and led light strip and I’m not sure how to set it up. Where do all the wires plug in to? Also how do i program it to turn on a certain light on the strip? Each picture shows opposite ends of the led strip.

Is this a NeoPixel strip?
Is the strip using WS2812B leds?
Will you give us a link to the data sheet for the strip?

My guess is the two orange leads are the same (possible +5) and the two black leads are the same (possibly GND). However before connecting, we need more information on what you bought.
Do not power the strip from the Arduino.
The Green lead is probably the data input lead (on the side that has the 5 wires).
Make sure you connect the Arduino to the strip on the correct side of the strip, see the arrows on the strip.

If this is WS2812B strip, look on the Adafruit WEB site for a tutorial and for a library.

It is ws2812b. Could you send me a link to a tutorial?

Have you googled Adafruit neopixel?


"Adding a ~470 ohm resistor between your microcontroller's data pin and the data input on the NeoPixels can help prevent spikes on the data line that can damage your first pixel. Please add one between your micro and NeoPixels!

We also recommend adding a large capacitor (1000 µF, 6.3V or higher) across the + and – terminals. This prevents the initial onrush of current from damaging the pixel

When connecting NeoPixels to any live power source or microcontroller, ALWAYS CONNECT GROUND (–) BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE. Conversely, disconnect ground last when separating."