How to control servo motors using renbotics servo shield and arduino uno

Can anyone please help me out on how to use renbotics servo shield to control more than two servo motors?

You don't need the shield. The Arduino has PWM built in.

There are lots of examples. In the Arduino IDE, go to File:Examples:Servo:Knob or Sweep

With Google search for "arduino servo multiple".

For instance: was found there.

Luck, John

NO actually I require six servos to be controlled...I am using the Servo shield libraries, the program compiles but once it is dumped into the controller, nothing happens....Please help

Have you tried it with one servo?

Are you providing an external power supply for the servos? The Arduino is not able to provide enough power for more than one SMALL servo. They won't move and the Arduino is likely to hang up.

When you reply, include the sketch you are running. Use the "#" button above your text and put the code between the code delimiters.

A schematic of your Arduino and servos or at least a photo of your setup would be helpful.

When using multiple servos, you must supply power to the servos from outside. Outside power goes into the Renbotics servo shield at the green screw terminal. Read the owners manual and make sure you don't get the positive and negative wires backward or you may be replacing a lot of equipment.


We have attached the library and the datasheet for the servoshield which has been used and we’re trying to run the very first in-built example.
Following are the snapshots of our set-up.
We have cross-checked the connections of servo-shield to arduino using jumper wire…
Power requirements have been fulfilled.
Now the problem we are facing is, the moment we connect the power supply, the motor runs momentarily(approx 1 sec) and then it stops.

16 Servo Controller Shield_v1.0 (lowres).pdf (435 KB)

servoshield (1).zip (13.4 KB)

Model: SG5010 Servo Motor • Type: Coreless Motor With Nylon Gears • Speed (4.8V no load): 0.17sec/60degree(4.8V) • Stall Torque (4.8V): ~3.1kg/cm • Dead Band Width: ~30us • Voltage: 4.8-6V (Max) • Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 43mm • Weight : 38g

Voltage 6V Maximum

I don't know for sure, but I suspect that your 9v battery may not provide enough current to power that servo. I may also be that the servo is seeing 9v and shutting down to protect itself. Now that the servo specs are documented, a more knowledgeable member may weigh in.


thanx for help john.... we'll look into what you said ...