how to identify pwm signal from servo controller circuit

hi friends im kinda frustrated making a DIY servo i tried many time but i cant get it done ! instead i thought of dismantling a working servo and giving that PWm signals to an H-Brdge and controlling a bigger motor with pot feed back !! but again im stuck

i kinda need a big servo to hold up a big torque. So i want a 12v 2A viper motor to be controlled as a servo !!

i cant find the PWM signals ! :frowning: of tower pro mg995 servo

i saw one guy doing this for a different kinda servo

here is the youtube link

if any one know the PWM signal of mg995 0r mg994 servo driver please help me with it !

and if any one of you know how to make a servo motor with a rotary encoder please assist me !! im so lost right now !

thank you

Servo SG-5010 05 (1).jpg