How to increase data reading speed of SCD41 CO2 Sensor?

I purchase the Sensirion SCD41 CO2 sensor evaluation kit and hooked it up to my Arduino Uno. I followed the GitHub instruction to set everything up and used the example code. The code right now is setup to output data every 5 seconds but I need the output to be much faster at 100 ms, so I can get "live" results from the sensor. I am very very new to circuits and coding, and I am not sure what in the code needs to be changed to output data much faster --changing the void loop delay time isn't reading data any faster. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Is the sensor capable of that?

It seems like there was inadequate evaluate of requirements verses device capability during the early design phase of your project.


You don't mention why you need quick consecutive readings from the CO2 sensor, but for many applications CO2 changes slowly, so you can read the sensor with a few seconds between readings (that sensor has 60s response time).

In the past I've used CozirLP sensors ( Gas Sensing Solutions | ), they're more expensive but make available readings every 0.5 seconds (30s response time). That same company also has faster sensors ( SprintIR Gas Sensing Solutions | ) with 50 readings per second (20ms response time).

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