How to make a Brushed Quad-copter Drone with Arduino Nano

Hi Everyone, I am B.S.S.SRIKAR I want to make a Brushed Quadcopter drone with
Arduino Nano, MPU6050 module, NRF24 module brushed motors can you please help me on doing this project.
So I've some doubts
~Do I need any more parts?
~Does it have any special features
~How much rpm motor does it need
If any other edits please reply...
Please, anyone help me in doing this project ASAP

Why use brushed motors specifically ?

Have you chosen the motors yet ?
You will need some way of interfacing the Nano to the motors such as MOSFETs
The type, speed and size of the motors and the overall weight of the quad will dictate the size and pitch of the propellers
How are you going to power the quad ?

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I want to use 4 51,000 rpm brushed motors because those are cheap they cost around 400 INR or 5 dollars.
If I will use ESCs and Brushless motors the price for 4 ESCs and Brushless motors, it costs 4 times of my Budget.

I am going to power the Quad with a Li-Po battery

What are Mosfets used for?
Can you please answer I am not much familiar with these topics

All flight controllers are costly that is why I am using Arduino Nano. If not Suggest me one under 572 INR or 8 dollars

What are Mosfets used for? Can you please answer I am not much familiar with these topics

MOSFETs are used to turn the power to the motors on and off as an Arduino pin cannot provide enough current. If you use Arduino PWM pins to drive the MOSFETS you can control the speed of the motors

In order to control the motor speeds accurately you will need to use PID control. If you don't know what that means, which I suspect you don't, then take a look at There is an Arduino PID library that makes implementing the PID control easier but what you are aiming to do is not easy. Take a look at which may do everything you need from the software point of view

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I hope you can do it. But will not be efficient

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I hope you can do it. But will not be efficient

Care to expand on that?

How many motors do you have in reserve? How many minutes are your motors rated to run? Brushless motors might run for ever before the bearings give out. Brushed motors have limited lifetime.

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I will use 4 brushed motors as they are cheap, ESCs and Brushless motors cost 4 times my budget. Yes, brushless might last long but very costly because my budget is low.
That is why I prefer brushed ones.

Presumably those are the slotless/coreless brushed motor type? They are tiny but still need several amps typically, but that’s well within the ability of some SMT dual MOSFETs to drive - you’ll need a half-H-bridge as active-braking is essential for tight speed control. You do need 8 PWM capable pins though as you have 8 FETs to drive.

You will need a 3D gravity sensor and a 3D gyroscope sensor and a lot of time to develop the stabilisation-program to make it work. It will be very likely that it will not work good out of the box. Which means you quadcopter will have multiple drops out of the air.

For the fun of flying a quadcopter have you considered buying one of these?


Beeing so cheap is the result of beeing a mass product.

For the fun building something that flies from scratch;
Building something like a small plane with a self-stabilising design (v-shaped wings) will be much much easier.

best regards Stefan

Hi Stefan, Thank You for your idea Simple Glider.
I’ve gone through the links you sent but it doesn’t deliver to India I am from India

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