How to make interrupt fuction stop all other tasks?

I'm making filament extruder to change my old 3 mm filaments rolls to 1.75 mm ones...
for that project I want to measure the diameter of filament (must be 1.75mm) ...
any idea to make such measurement device ?
I'll been looking for mechanical device with hall sensor and magnet ...
... but I don't think they works good enough ...
.... maybe led and ldr resistor ... maybe linear sensor array (400 dots per inch or so)...
but optical linear sensor are very hard to find from sellers and they are rather expensive !
have anybody made that kind of sensor ?
I'll be happy if someone can advice me to do that kind of measurement device :slight_smile:
friendly regards from Finland northern EU

how does the title of your post match your question?

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How does your description relate to the topic's title?

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Your question seems to have nothing to do with the title of the topic

look if this link help you.

RV mineirin

Surely it will be the size of the extruder that determines the size of the filament and that will be fixed, so why the need to continuously measure its diameter ?

That’s the theory but in reality it depends on the quality or the granulates, the temperature or the wire tension for example

This is more info on the process at Prusa

From the description of the process in that link I doubt that @artsiha will be able to match it whatever sensor is used unless he/she can extrude the filament

in a sequence of heated zones with gradually increasing temperature

and I also assume that extruded filament will not travel

through a series of cooling baths. These baths contain specially treated soft water with antibacterial and rust preventing solutions

As to what the title of this topic has to do with changing the size of the fillament, who knows ?


thank you for your answer !
sorry about wrong topic...
diameter of the filament is not so simple thing ... when it goes out extrude hole it hangs and diameter get lower/ bigger more or less it hangs or so ... so outgoing diameter of the filament is so and that ... never know
... so when filament goes out of extruder it must be hold straight and stretch to right diameter when it is hot
... so it's important to measure the diameter of filament all the time and control it's diameter by
stretching (when filament is hot) and not stretching all the time ...
... and when filament is hard it can be measured ... with my design where is mechanism to push filament between 2 rollers and hall sensor measure filament diameter ... (it's a long story but it's ready and tested )
... so whole project is just in the beginning and get time and patience ...
... but filament smelter is ok and lot of software ...
I know there is no sense to make such a thing .. but it's fun make ... there's no economical sense...
all the best for you

I suggest that you change the topic title


Especially since the answer to

How to make interrupt fuction stop all other tasks?

is - don't use an interrupt!

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Actually an interrupt does stop all other tasks (on small arduinos), you don’t have to do anything for that

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