How to make this connection with headers &/|| wires

Ive got this sim900 with male headers for power.

I need to power it from a battery pack which comes a USB cable which I’ve cut/peeled and fitted with 2 male pins as well.

I need to interconnect the power-male-header-terminals from the sim900 to the power-male-headers from the battery pack to the power-terminals to the nano.

So I did this, soldered the header pins from the sim900 to a small piece of old perfboard. Then soldered the 2 power pins from the battery pack usb cable and then the 2 power cables out to the nano. I know it looks like sh*t but I think my error was to try to solder the connections on adjacent rows/columns, so closely, that it was hard to get the iron tip in there.

Is there a neater way that doesnt involve a breadboard? I found out the breadboard connections really mess up my power delivery to the sim900 making it fail to register repeatedly.


Make your own male/female header connectors:;topic=376971.0;attach=153794


I’ve been working on solutions to the “Cable Mess” and my results are HERE

Get yourself some female headers, cut the strip down to the size you need, and solder to the other end.

They're like the holes in your breadboard, standard spacing, and will hold onto wire or male headers like the ones you're soldering to.

I guess what I meant was what is a good way to solder jumper cable tips (which I know are supposed to be inserted into breadboard holes) or even bare braided cable ends into holes in a perf board?

What I found out is that breadboard are so cheaply made that connections are usually too loose or crappie for sensitive projects like that of my sim. So I ended up soldering some male jumper terminals to holes in a breadboard and some stripped braided cable tips into the hols of the breadboard and then running solder between holes to make connections.

Yeah, there are some pretty cheap perf boards out there that the copper will fall off of if you heat it too much, but adafruit and sparkfun definitely sell quality ones. Ideally, the perf board has copper on top, bottom, and through the hole that you're soldering to.