How to measure voltage and current easy with arduino?

How to measure voltage and current easy with arduino? Have arduino own sensors? I need both reading of voltage and current continuous. Voltage up to 12 V DC. 1,5 W

I need to use the two inputs for calculation in the program

Arduino has not sensors on the board. It has ADC (analog/digital converter) on some inputs (A0, A1…).
Voltage measurement is pretty simple. You need just voltage divider with two resistors. Just beware the voltage cannot exceed 5V on Arduino’s input.
Current measurement is more difficult. Some kind of current/voltage converter is needed:

  1. Power resistor with small value in series with the load but the power dissipation is high.
  2. Current sensor a) semiconductor part, b) circuit with OA or c) ready to use module.

The INA169 current sensor will work on the high side with a suitable load resistor.

Yes, INA169. I could not recall for part marking. There is also AD8211 with voltage output 0-5V.

The INA169 has features that allow output gain to be adjusted with an external resistor, monitoring of the voltage on both ends of the load, and addition of an external low resistor for higher current measurements.

I guess this will do the same?:

Was told about in video, time stamp 9.55:

Thanks Arctic_Eddie and Budvar10☺ You replied fast! I hope this ACS712 works. Have bought INA169 also. But 30-50 shipping days…

Looks like the same idea. You only have to relate the output voltage with the load current. A one point calibration, K, would be a good start. Use it in your code as a scale factor, amp = K * analogRead( pin? ).