How to plug LED on board?

This is a very basic question, but I could not get the thing working...
I would like to plug a white LED on an Arduino Leonardo. To start up, I tried with a breadboard and set the following:

When I plugged the following using the 5V and ground pins, nothing happened. I tried with a voltmeter and I got no current passing. The LED works because when I use the voltmeter in continuity mode it lights up.
So I tried this scheme:

And this work (I got 5V between the ends of the circuit). When I plugged the LED in the circuit and use the voltmeter in continuity mode, however, I got the sound (so current was passing) but the LED did not light up:

Why the LED did not light up? Is 220 ohm the right resistor?

Three JPGs to ask how to plug an LED and a resistor on a breadboard?


Looking at your drawing everything appears to be shorted together. Why not draw it in schematic form, it would be much easier to understand. Frizzy sketches do not count! You show no polarity on the LEDs or power source. More information is needed if your question is to be answered.

Breadboards under the hood.


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