How to power arduino nano via Vin pin?


Im new to arduino and i am doing my first project using an arduino nano...
My question might be really stupid, i know i need to power it with 7 - 12V threw the Vin pin but to which pin do i hook up the kathode since GND isnt the same as N(Neutral) and i wanna make sure to confirm it actually is GND before everything blows into ashes.


u have to use DC power source (7-12 volts are enough) and attach vin pin of the arduino to the +ve output of ur supply and GND pin of arduino to GND of ur power supply(-ve terminal)

Lower input voltages (closer to 7 than 12) are better - it's a linear regulator, so the excess voltage is dissipated as heat (so if you pull 100mA, at 7v, 200mW is dissipated as heat, at 12v, 700mW is dissipated as heat), and this will limit how much current you can draw from the 5v pin to power the rest of your project.

You can also power it with 5v at the 5v pin, in which case the maximum current drawn by project is that of the power supply/wiring (this is safe on nano/pro mini, but may damage an Uno/Mega, and some other full size boards)

All voltages that touch the nano must be DC, no voltages higher than 5v on any pin except Vin, and no voltage lower than ground on any pin. While nano is not connected to power, no external voltage can be present on any pin.

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