How to print simple Logo on 16x2 LCD

Hi guys, my question is How to print simple Logo on 16x2 LCD ?

Is there a way to convert black and white image to binary code(or else) and simply print it on the display ?

If you’re talking about the standard 1602 character displays based on a Hitachi HD44780 controller, then you’ve got 8 user definable characters.

If you can come up with a logo that can make use of these 8 characters (and perhaps use some of the other standard characters), then this is possible.
You can not change a defined character (let’s call it user1) after you have used it and so create a lot of different ones appear on the display.
All characters which are “user1” will always look the same.

Perhaps you can create a logo made out of ASCII art, but 1602 would be a bit poor for that.

I’m thinking for something like that one:

It will be car logo. The SEAT one and VW one.

If you take a real good look at that, you can see that that NVidia logo was built out of 2 lines of 4 characters. You should be able to do something similar with your car logo. The SEAT would look a bit better because it is more square than the circular VW logo. I'm looking at a 1602 display right now. I think 3 * 2 would make a better square or circular surface. A single character is 5 px wide and 7 px high. 3 * 5 = 15 and 2 * 7 = 14, add the voids between the characters, and you'll end up pretty square (15 +2 to 14 + 1).

Once you're done with the SEAT logo, please share. I'm driving SEAT too.

Have a look at the LCDbitmap library:

It will do all the bitmap "drawing" for you.

--- bill

I’m too stupid or just have a bad day…couldn’t come up with nothing from LCDBitmap .

Most simply explained i need this logo:

According to LCDbitmap, it should be printed in 20x16pixels
So it should look like this:

But a hell, i can’t get it how to make it ?!

I remember i’ve read somewhere for printing images on 16x2 LCD using binary code or array, but i can’t find this info now :frowning:

It won't look quite like that because there will be a horizontal gap in the middle. (like the example photo you showed earlier) The library doesn't have a "draw a bitmap" API function, but it does have primitives for other operations like draw pixel, draw line, draw graph. You will have to store your image data in you sketch and then draw your image using the draw pixel primitive: pixel() function.

Alternatively if all you want/need is the glyph, then you could just fill in the pixel data yourself from your stored image data into the 8 custom characters and then print them. i..e 8 characters, 4 on top and 4 underneath.

--- bill

Yep there will be horizontal and vertical gaps. May be will be better to buy another , graphical , bigger display for my project :/

Help appreciated !!! +rep

Now there's a thought!

Did you check this already ?