How to program arduino to send data wirelessly using transceiver?


I have an a transceiver ( Its from rfsolutions. I would like to know how to start programming arduino to send data using the above transceiver and how the connections will have to be between the transceiver and arduino?


this is the same module used in the JeeNode:

You could use their library & examples...

Can someone checkout the link let me know how the pins should be connected for both transmitter and receiver? I have read the datasheet and couldn't figure out whether to connect pin2 (RSSI), pin 16 (CTS), pin 15 (RTS), pin 11 (Rx), pin 10 (Tx) and pin 9 (PD).

Thanks alot for anyone who helps.

couldn't figure out whether to connect pin2 (RSSI), pin 16 (CTS), pin 15 (RTS), pin 11 (Rx), pin 10 (Tx) and pin 9 (PD).

PSSI is received signal strength indicator. If you want to know how strong the signal is, you need to connect this. You'll need to determine whether this is a digital or analog signel.

CTS is clear to send. RTS is ready to send. If you want to know whether the device is available for use before trying to use it, you need to connect these. In your case, I doubt that you need to.

RX and TX are the receive and transmit pins. If you don't connect these, you might as well put the thing back in the drawer and forget it.

Don't know what PD is.

I manage to figure out the pins. But now the problem is, how can I configure the transceiver using arduino? Because I dont have the evaluation board mentioned in the datasheet to do configure it using the software. In that case can I use arduino to configure the device? If so how do I do it?


There doesn't seem to be any special requirements to configure the board. Section 3 of the datasheet says you just send "+++" via the serial port to enter config mode. Then just send the 12 bytes of config data for the settings that you want, read the 12 byte response, and then send "---" to exit config mode.

By the way, I noticed this is a 3.3V device. What have you connected it too? A 3.3V Arduino?

Yup, I read the datasheet. But I cannot understand how I can send '+++' to enter the configuration mode. How do I interface it to computer to input '+++' to enter configuration mode. Can I connect pc to arduino via usb, and then arduino to transceiver and configure the transceiver. If so, how do the arduino code be?

You can use software serial ( to communicate with the RF module, and then the hardware serial interface on the arduino is still available to talk to your PC. You'll need to write some code on the arduino to do the configuration because its a binary config and you can't directly send binary data from the serial monitor.

If you are using an Arduino Uno or any other 5V arduino then you can't just connect the RF module to it, you have to do some 5V to 3.3V level shifting otherwise you will damage the RF module.