How to program to Colorduino from the Arduino - a hardware explanation

Since tons of you have helped me with my idiot questions I thought I’d post this image which explains how to load a program into a Colorduino using an Arduino.

First take the main CPU chip out. Then use jumpers to connect:

Arduino RX → Colorduino RXD
Arduino TX → Colorduino TXD
Arduino Reset → Colorduino DTR
(?Arduino 5V → Colorduino VDD?)
Arduino GND → Colorduino GND

You can see these in the attached image, even though some wires go out of the frame, just follow the colors.

I used an external 6V supply for the colorduino (slider set to “terminal”) so that I did not have to pull to much power from the USB of my portable. Hence the brackets in the 4th connection listed above.

Anyway, I hope this makes it clear to others following the same path.


Ah, one other thing you might need to know. When you plug in the 8x8 matrix on top of the colorduino the “1” on the matrix should correspond to the “1” of the blue section on the colorduino.

thanks for your post.

i am still having problems with my colorduino and hope to get your help. i hooked up colorduino to arduino according to your image, but getting

avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding

when i upload a sketch, colorduino blinks but get the warnings and nothing changes. arduino itself works fine with other sketches.

i am using arduino diecimila + arduino IDE 0022 + colorduino v1.3.

any ideas?

thanks in advance.

A bit late, but did you take out the processor chip from the Arduino?