How to read flow meter without interrupts

Hey guys, got a question here.

I'm trying to set up a flow meter on my Arduino and it's currently connected to D32. The pin is unable to be used for interrupts, but every solution to my problem I've found so far has been done using interrupts. Does anyone have experience measuring flow using a flow meter without interrupts? More specifically, using hall effect sensors without interrupts?


Why start a new thread?

Why not move the flow meter to a pin that has pin change interrupt? See the list of PCI capable pins in the other thread.

What else has to happen in the code? What is the minimum time between pulses (maximum pulse frequency)?

You can use polling if the loop() executes fast enough.

Post a data sheet for the flow meter.

I am unable to move the pin because there are 4 modules that I need to implement this for and they are all soldered to the Arduino from D32-D35 (not my doing). The code is basically incrementing a counter variable each the time the hall effect sensor in the flow meter goes off. The counter/second variable is then converted in to Litres/min

So there are 4 flow meters? Please post a schematic. Getting information piece by piece is time consuming.

Are there any free pins with pin change interrupts you would have used if it were up to you where your flow meter pins go? If yes, just short those wires with the D32-D35 pins. You then just use those PCI-capable pins and leave D32-D35 out of your code. Problem solved.

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