How to: Screen Recording of Arduino IDE

I need to make screen recording MP4 / WAV of the Arduino IDE while I edit. Result goes into video editor and then YouTube for my students to review.
I've tried Windows Game Recorder, Free Cam, OBS and Bandicam but all end up at low resolution and the text faint.
Anyone successful with good quality screen recording of IDE?

I use the free open source program VLC:

It is a pretty advanced program that does a lot of things, so not something where you can just click a big button and have your recording, but I don't notice any loss in the quality of the recording. It's something I already have on my computer because it's my video playback program of choice, so I like that I can make use of it in the very rare occasions when I need a screen recording rather than installing a dedicated software for that purpose.

what resolution do you use while recording 360p? or 720p?

I haven't done any downsampling, so if I have Tools > Preferences > Input/Codecs > Access modules > Screen > Capture Region width/height set to the default of 0, VLC captures the full screen. Since my screen is 1920x1200, I guess that would be 1200p. But I adjust this depending on how much of the screen I need to record, so it's not always that high of resolution.

This is one example of where VLC is a less polished user experience for screencasts, because with other applications I have been able to select an area of the screen to capture with the mouse.

What video card do you have on your computer? Mine is AMD's Radeon and its drivers have a screen recording function. I think that nVidia cards have a similar function in their drivers. That way, I don't have to use an extra program for something I rarely do.

Actually I think OBS is good enough, is your settings inappropriate? the interface of OBS is not very easy to use, there are some tutorial videos on Youtube, maybe you can have a check. Or you can try Joyoshare VidiKit, it is a screen recorder supports HD videos, maybe you can have a try.

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