how to solder MAX31865

can u please tell me, how to solder/cut the MAX31865 for a 3 wired pt100 , i found some manuals but nothing works

thx & greez ramixxx

Have you checked the Adafruit tutorial?

Also, what do you mean by Solder or cut the MAX31865?

i know this manual but what means:

"cut the wire connecting the left side of the 2-way jumper right above Rref"


Ah thats simple. you have to solder the pads together to make a bridge and cut the tiny connection between the pad above the Rref text.

i solder A und B - right?

and i´ve to cut 1 or 2 ?

Yeah, that's how I understood it. I haven't tried this module.
Don't forget to cut the line inbetween the 24 and 3.

thx!, i´ll givie it a try