how to solder TQFN PACKAGE

Hi all,
big problems on the way… i must solder this kind of package: TQFN it looks VERY VERY VERY SMALL.

the component is this one: MAX16803ATE

i have no idea how i can solder with other components, or with wire, or glue … donnnno !!!

help me pls, what kind of tool shell i need ?

snick –

it is difficult (sometimes), but not impossible. you’ll need (ideally) some good quality thin solder, a fairly low wattage soldering iron, some gel flux, and a steady hand. if you search youtube, you’ll find a number of “how-to” videos that demonstrate the process.

Take a look here Soldering a QFN (Quad Flat No-Lead) Package by Hand - Curious Inventor

You could use these:

They make it a little easier if you are “breadboarding”