How to switch Male Pin Header to Female

I have a lot of male to male Dupont wires and need female to female ones. Is there a way to remove the pin so it becomes a female wire?

Thanks in advance.

Not that I am aware of.

The pin and wire crimp are one piece. If you had socket contacts, crimping dupont pins / sockets are one of the few items where you need a real crimper. Besides you would need to purchase the female sockets and I think it is just as easy to buy the Female - Female jumpers from Ebay or Amazon.

I was going to mention going to Thailand but thought "better not".

Male crimp pins are significantly different to female crimp pins.

Both types fit into the same shell.

It is possible to remove pins by depressing the latching tab with a small screwdriver and pulling on the wire

However you will find it is not cost effective to change them over when ready made leads are available so cheaply.

AliExpress has dupont connectors MM-MF-FF for just a shade penny a piece.
$0.59 for 40.
Order a bunch in each gender.

Note: Not all manufacturer's pins fit in all housings. Likely more do than don't but I have some TE Connectivity pins that don't fit in the eBay purchased housings. Actually they fit but the pin lock is not correct.

If you are going to dabble in this hobby, learn to make up Dupont cables.