How to use GPRS and/or Wifi on ESP8266/ESP32


I want to use ESP8266 or ESP32 along with WIFI and GPRS (SIM800 Module).

If wifi is disconnected then the data should go through GPRS and vice verse.

Could not find any project or code that talks about both Wifi and GPRS connectivity.


Work through the examples you can find, and get either/both working…
Then, as you try to stitch it together, bring your code, and we can offer further suggestions.

A good starting point would be a block diagram, think about your power supplies etc, then a schematic and basic code (no fritzing drawings please)

I’m sure we can help you make good decisions along the way.

BTW SIM800 won’t be much use by the time you finish this project, it’s only 2G compatible.

If you’re a beginner, I can see this easily taking several months to get it ‘right’.

I have couple of projects running on ESP32 and ESP8266 with SIM800L (just for call and SMS) and others on direct WIFI.

I am trying to build a GPS tracker with ESP32 (Can change the GSM module to LTE for 4G). The Car may have Wifi at times when I am driving and later will not have Wifi, so need GPRS during that time to update the location remotely.

The code for (without GPRS) will be ready in a week and hardware is already ready without GSM module.

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