How to use gyroscope sensor to move wheelchair?

I am new to Arduino. First project.
Trying to make a wheelchair driven by gyro-sensors, more specifically ADXL3xxx.The sensor will be attached to the helmet worn by the patient. The rotation and movement of his head will drive the wheelchair in that specific direction. That rotational movement will be deciphered by the sensors.

Basically, i am using 2-axis gyroscope for ADXL3xxx was not able to serve the purpose. MPU6050 is another option but I am not able to code it.

How should I do so? Please guide me

Your project should be broken into several stand-alone projects, then combine them into the project you described. First, are you able to control the wheelchair? Until that works properly, there is no need for the gyro control. Is it a one motor or a two motor wheel chair? There have been several forum postings relating to wheelchair motors and controls. Have you reviewed them?


You will need a gyro in the chair too, and take the difference of the two rotations, otherwise
you'll set up a vicious circle of head-turns-left, chair-turns-left which turns head left, etc etc.