how to using ssh on arduino uno

how to using ssh on arduino uno? is it possible to using ssh command on arduino uno?
like ssh root@x.x.x.x

Secure Socket Shell?

Is your Uno running a shell?

emm...i mean i want to using ssh command to port forwarding my arduino uno using serveo because i dont have ip public on my router
and to port forwarding using serveo, i should run ssh command like ssh -R localhost:80
can arduino run that?

can arduino run that?


Connect your Arduino (or any serial device port) to a Raspberry Pi (a Zero cost very little if cost is an issue) and then you can SSH to the R-Pi and/or forward ports with SSH to minicom, picocom, web gateway interfaces, or whatever you want.

An R-Pi runs Linux (e.g. an operating system) which is the sort of place you find SSH. An Arduino is what some call bare metal, it has no operating system, and no SSH. Bare metal networking is risky business and SSH has not been ported (e.g. libssh was not part of any Arduino stuff).