How to visit a website through arduino?

Hi there, is there a way I could use arduino to view my website? I just learned about arduino and how you can do different tasks if you have the right equipment and a little knowledge about how coding works. So my question is what can anyone visit a website through arudino? If yes, what are the equipment that anyone require to perform these tasks?Thanks

If you are expecting an Arduino to act as a fully fledged web browser you are in for a big disappointment as it is just not powerful enough for that.

The Arduino will only be able to download special sites that have little complexity e.g., to extract text information. So, when you design the web page or have links to simple text files you could use an Arduino, but most web pages today have too much functionality (mostly advertisement and tracking scripts). Even with a Windows 95 PC you could not browse the web today.

What do you want to do with the web page content and what is on the web page?

If yes, what are the equipment that anyone require to perform these tasks?

You will need an [ur=]Ethernet Shield[/url] for your Arduino and the Example Ethernet/Web Client from the IDE.

When you buy an Ethernet Shield, pay attention to take either the original one from Arduino or one with a Wiznet W5100/W5500.

This will just fetch the data of the site. Obviously it will not display the page like you see it in your browser. If you want to see your website, use a PC, smartphone, tablet...