how to wire this arc generator?

Hello guys I bought this diy arc generator and I’m confused about the wires which one goes where. I tried to follow this diagram but I was confused about matching the diagram to the wires of my arc generator (I have attached the pics) , but still I tried different combinations but couldn’t get it to arc. I powerd it with 5v 2a usb charger.

So can someone clarify from my pics exactly which two wires(what numbers ) go to the positive supply , which one goes to the collector of transistor, and finally which number wire goes to the resistor/diode???

Also please tell me if I should use transistor or mosfet for it. I have 2N2222, 2N4401, D1387, D667 and mosfets I have IRL2203 and IRLML0030, so which ones I can use for this with 5v supply?? Thanks

never mind I got it to work, I guess before I did the wiring wrong . But the transistor does heat up a lot within like 2 secs, I used TIP 111, so is it better to use a mosfet???

What happens when you use a mosfet?


Not much, I tried Irl2203n, it just makes some noise but no arc. Maybe it needs more volts. Nothing at all with Irf3205.

Nothing with these two transistors 2Sd1387, 2n4401.

Only Tip111 worked and the other was Mps651, they both worked fine on both 5v and 3.9v lipo battery. Very easy to light fire.

Don't use a MOSFET, you'll probably just trash it immediately, and the circuit is clearly assuming current drive to the BJT base as there is a resistor and diode.

Use a high voltage (300V perhaps) BJT with a reasonably high current rating (several amps). Don't use a darlington, too slow for good oscillation. It might not need to be as high as 300V, but if you err on the side of caution you are less likely to fry things.

I suspect that flyback circuit can take a fair amount of power, 20W or so, under load, although its hard to judge the size of the transformer as there is nothing to give a clue as to size. The transistor probably needs a heatsink.

2SD1387 is only 20V, zapped for sure. 2N4401 is 0.6A, so probably over current. TIP111 is 80V, but a darlington so probably v. inefficient