How wiring directly arduino mega to STM32 3.2 inch HD TFT LCD Touch Color Modul

Hi all! I have a question how to wire this display

Size: 3.2 inch Drive IC: ILI9341 Resolution: HD 240*320 QVGA Touch: 4-wire Resistive Touch

I've googled it and did not found a schematic connection with arduino mega and for more than a month

without any result.

I have just started and also French language be indulgent.

Thank you in advance for your assistance

Your image does not work (for me)

I found this item

Yes, you can connect it to your Mega2560 if you want. Just buy 21 level shifters for the TFT. And a few more for the SD if you want to use that.

It is a lot of hard work wiring up all those level shifters.
You could buy a 40-pin Adapter shield which will be easier. Just lots of plain wires from your display to the appropriate pins on the 20x2 socket.

It is much simpler to just buy a STM32 board with a matching socket. No need for level shifters.


Thank you for your reply, dear Mr. David.

Yes it is my screen.

Could you give me the references of the card and where can I buy it?

Go see the pictures attached thank you

The Chinese are very naughty. (I suppose that the Brits did give them Opium Wars, but we have been pretty nasty to most countries)

Normally Ebay Shops just add the word "Arduino" to an item. No one expects Ebay vendors to be honest.

It looks like the Manufacturer deliberately printed "Arduino" and the official logo. The display is not Arduino compatible in any way. The pins are all 3.3V and on a 32-pin header. No Arduinos have 32-pin headers.

You can buy an adapter like this
which has pinout like

It is your job to compare the pins on your display. Make sure that the LCD_VCC pin#1 on CN2 is 3.3V. The Shield probably has a 3.3V LDO regulator but it is your job to make sure it goes to the right pin.


I will try to follow your advice

But first I will try to cable it directly to the mega even if it will take me another month.
I want to learn, and as the French proverb says by force of forging will I become blacksmith? We'll see ! may be.

dear Mr. David.

Thank you for your answers and advice

No. No. No.

You must provide level shifters.

There are several 40-pin adapter shields. They have onboard level-shifters. You can buy them locally in Europe. Delivered in 24-48 hours.
You can use jumper wires from 32-pin to 40-pin.

This particular Adapter has 40-pin and 32-pin socket. If the 32 pins match your display, it will plug and go. It is made by CTE or Sainsmart. If you receive a Sainsmart pcb, check it carefully for bad soldering etc. Check pin#1 for 3.3V

If you connect 5V to your 3.3V display you will damage it. The Blacksmith does not put his hand into the Forge. He uses tongs.


Hi this answer is well formulated

I understand a little better the risks but even with these adapters you have to be careful. Exist there a sketch

that can guide me to connect it well

thank you so much

Buy an Adapter Shield. Post a link to the actual item that you have bought.

We can step you through the wiring of a 40-pin e.g. DB5 is #8 on your display connects to #12 on the 40-pin

If you buy the 32-pin Adapter, you just need to check the voltage on pin#1. If it is 3.3V, you can plug your display directly in to the 32-pin socket.

The software is the same for any 40-pin Adapter e.g. UTFT with model ILI9341_16 in the constructor.


Hi dear David

I can not buy these adapters in Europe and at home I searched on google without success. I am Moroccan

maybe because this LCD is not current. By importing one of these adapters from China this will take between 30

and 45 days. I will look for a few more days in Casablanca, if I would keep you informed otherwise I would

import from China.

In the meantime I am going to learn more about arduino.

You are very helpful. it's good to converse with people like you.

Thank you so much

Life is so much easier if you add your country to your Profile.
You keep all your privacy but readers will give you more appropriate replies.

In Europe or U.S. / Canada there are online hobbyist shops. They stock the most popular boards and accessories. They cost more than online Chinese shops but delivery is 24-72 hours.

I would never think of going to a regular shop. Even if I travelled to London, I doubt if I could buy items that are available from an Internet shop.

Sometimes packets take 9 days from China to the UK. Average 15 days. Sometimes 40 days.
How long does it take a packet from UK to Morocco?
I sent a packet from the UK to Teheran. 6 days !!!


Hi dear David

I agree with you only I am not used to taking part in forums. This may be the reason the lack of experience,

but any liver I entered the forum via my google account and all of it is on my profile.

That said, if you give me your instructions and cost for sending the adapter. I would be very grateful.

Thank you very much for help and kindness

I have no way to access your Google account. Nor would I want to. I guess you would not want me either.

You are a member of this Forum. You can enter your country in the Profile. Other members would see that you live in Morocco.
I guess that your postal service might be slower than European post. I guess that English is not your first language.

We can show you how to connect a 3.3V display to a 5V Mega2560. i.e. use level shifters.

A ready-made Adapter shield contains level shifters.
You could do this manually. e.g. by soldering level shifter chips, potential dividers or series resistors.
It is a lot of work.


Hello dear David

It is as you say for English I use google translation I can understand most of the time but write it! it is my fault

that I did not study it in time.

If I understood I can wire it but it is hard to do it manually, however it is not impossible? I can do it on my own.

I can weld.

It will be easier if I have a sketch or a wiring plan with which I am more at ease than English.

Thank you for your courage to support Nules like me