How would you connect these boards together?

I got a few boards from eBay which have a 8x8 LED and a 7219 chip.

They are supposed to be daisy-chained, but they came with male headers for both sides.

My question is, how would you make them chainable? Put female right-angle headers on the right? What would they be called?

Or use some sort of female-to-female connector?

Couple of ways you could go.

SparkFun sells a six pin right angle female header connector, you could just cut off one pin position:
When cutting such strips don't try and cut between two positions, rather cut right through the center of the next pin and then file the connector down to the last pin position being used. The plastic is very soft, filing only takes a few seconds.

Or just just off two two 5 pin from and longer female strip and solder then back to back to make a female to female connector:


The spacing isn't quite right, as these photos show:

Someone must make something to solve this problem, surely?

Maybe I was going about it the wrong way. If I put them side-by-side like this:

Then the problem goes away because you can now use a long cable run of hookup cable from the top of one to the bottom of the next. Plus the modules are now adjacent.

Cable joining is the way to go with these boiught ones as it is the only way to get a continuous led matrix.

I have just put in to seeedstudio my own pcb design that allows them to be plugged together side by side to make a modular display board. Waiting for the boards to come back …