HTTPS redirect library code editing help to send arduino data to google sheets

The below-attached library and HTTPs code are for sending data from nodemcu development board to google sheets. it is only to send data from nodemcu to google sheets. my goal is to send Arduino data to google sheets through nodemcu serial port.

I tried to edit the code so that nodemcu can detect serial data from Arduino and send it to google sheets. as being a beginner to Arduino coding, I cant able to edit the code successfully.

someone whos good in coding plz try to help me, as I’m trying from past many days ith no use.

link for https library and code: ESP8266/HTTPSRedirect at master · electronicsguy/ESP8266 · GitHub

sir, you can use any of the below data to help me.


  1. HTTPS code - send nodemcu unknown data to google sheets.
  2. temp and humidity code- sending temperature sensor data from nodemcu to google sheets.
  3. Https library
  4. pics of serial monitor
  5. pic of google sheet
  6. spread sheet code

1.esp code.txt (5.34 KB)

2. temp http.txt (4.36 KB)

6.gscript code.txt (5.26 KB)

What kind of errors are you getting?

What is the exact board you are using?

I'll try to replicate it my end and see if we can get it working.

sir, im using esp8266 development board and arduino uno to send arduino serial data to google sheets through nodemcu module. the above github http code link only sends data from nodemcu. sir, you plz help me in editing the esp8266 code, so as to detect serial data from arduino and send to google sheets.

this following links can be usefull for you sir, in helping me to edit the esp code to detect serial data from arduino and end it to google sheets rather than sending sensor data.

plz help