Project HTTPSRedirect: Direct link to Google sheets, calendar, data-logging

Hello all,
Here is my little project with ESP8266 using Arduino IDE. (Many thanks to Ivan (@igrr) for his incredible work on the SSL client).

We can now read/write to Google spreadsheet directly. You can fetch calendar events, and also "chat" with your ESP8266 :slight_smile: This library implements the url forwarding used by Google so you can seamlessly get the required data.

No need to use 3rd party forwarding services like pushingbox or IFFTT.

You can directly log sensor data to Google spreadsheets and read back. It can be used for any other kind of service too, which implements http request-forwarding.

Repo: HTTPSRedirect.

Please let me know of your comments and suggestions.

Hello all,
In case you have any questions, please check out the github page and open a new “issue” there. I have also launched version 2 of the library. Please see the readme for the details and use this only in future projects. Thanks.

github: ESP8266/HTTPSRedirect at master · electronicsguy/ESP8266 · GitHub

Really cool. I'm gonna try it out in the coming weeks.

Hello guys,

There is a way to implement this in an Arduino Code with ESP8266 connected as external Wifi module? (I mean, the ESP8266 is receiving AT commands from the Arduino)