HUB08 16x64 LED Matrix with Various Text Scrolling (Problem!)

Greetings everyone
Sorry about my English, because this is not my native language.
I have a Led Matrix, according to the title; The sketch are text scrolls on the top and bottom line and in both directions, left and right, whose code was made by a Russian: Vladimir Lozhnikov.
The problem is when scrolling left-to-right, the characters show upside down. Anyone willing to look at the sketch, which I will make available in the appendix, will realize this.
So I would like help from the subject matter experts to try to figure out the code and fix the alleged problem. I am here asking you because I do not have enough knowledge for it;
Estou deixando em anexo 4 arquivos + sketch principal e também um pequeno GIF no youtube aqui: - YouTube
Thank you all

en_expressions.h (784 Bytes)

en_small.h (7.22 KB)

hello.en.ino (18.7 KB)

structs.h (928 Bytes)

template.h (6.81 KB)


someone to help?