LED Matrix 64x16 Text Mirrored - Help !!

Greetings everyone.
I have an arduino sketch of a Russian ‘Vladimir Lozhnikov’. At first, the code was developed for Russian characters, after he adapted a version for English characters. But I came across a problem; In the code there are 8 types of scrolling text, for example, in “program text 1”, in line 437, text scrolls from right to left (is correct), while in “program text 2”, in line 460 and in “program text 4_2”, in line 515, the text moves from left to right - that’s where the problem is: the letters are mirrored, as in a picture I’m sending along with the sketch. If anyone can help me, I would be very grateful because I have no idea how to fix this and little knowledge in sketches. Thanks++

hello.en.ino (17.6 KB)

Someone, please?

This will explain what the problem is Parola A to Z – Adapting for Different Hardware – Arduino++, then you have to find how to fix your code.

EDIT: Maybe not. It is not clear to me what hardware is being used to control the display, so the reason may be different.

Thanks marco_c for your response; besides the sketch itself, there are four more files that I thought were not necessary because I believe that the change should be in the main sketch. But I’ll post here and if you have this module (https://www.ebay.com/itm/Provide-Arduino-code-64x16-dot-Matrix-LED-for-diy-Sign-Light-Neon-Bright- UNO-MCU / 271303628009? Hash = item3f2af4d4e9: g: K3cAAOSw6qpa8Qb-: rk: 1: pf: 1 & frcectupt = true), you can test and enjoy the code; thanks again

en_expressions.h (784 Bytes)

en_small.h (6.82 KB)

structs.h (928 Bytes)

template.h (6.81 KB)

Anyone else to help me?

If there is no one else, I will ask the Moderator to close the topic. Too bad it's a very interesting program!

If there is no one else, I will ask the Moderator to close the topic. Too bad it's a very interesting program!

Are you kidding? Check out this un-dead forum thread.


Hi Don! Of course I did not read everything but, I did not understand why you directed me to this link; thank you

It was an example of the fact that it is virtually impossible to 'close' a topic on this forum.

You really should look at the information that Marco has provided in reply #2.

You should also download his MD_MAX72XX and MD_Parola libraries. The MD_MAX72xx_HW_Mapper example would be the first one you should run.


Hi Don, I did not know about the impossibility of closing a topic.
About the sketch, this does not depend on the Parola library, it depends on these four files that I made available above.
Did you open the sketch?

Why would I open the sketch without at least knowing something about your 8x8 modules and how they are connected?

You provided a link to the hardware but didn't make it clickable or even test it.

Are those the modules used by the author of the code or the modules that you are using? There are lots of modules that look similar but are wired differently. That is the subject of the link Marco posted and also the subject of the example code that I recommended you try.

I did take a brief look at the sketch but since the author didn't take the time to comment it I certainly won't take the time to try and decipher it.


The first two links are clickable yes: hello.en.ino and 64x16 Text Mirrored.jpg; By the latter you can already have an idea of what I need.
The other four files are not clickable because they are opened with Wordpad. The main .ino file is pretty clean to read but, I have no experience with code but thanks for your attention ... I should ask for help from other people.

Read my statement again.


Don, the code is all working, with exceptions of some text, as in the example shown in "64x16 Text Mirrored.jpg" that are mirrored in some places (two) as I wrote in my first message.
The mirrored texts are here: "program text 2", in line 460 and in "program text 4_2", in line 515 (in the main sketch).
Also, according to the author, he wrote this intentionally. I did not understand the reason for this.

Anyone interested in this code?