HUGE load time for IDE 1.8.5

I have been running 1.6.0 for what seems like forever. I was a little bit frustrated because the IDE takes 10 or 15 seconds to load sometimes. But java has always been a slow platform, so I live with it.

I upgraded to 1.8.5 for some functionality that I thought might be nice. Now when I run the IDE, it takes upwards of 48 seconds. Sometimes over a minute!

I wondered what in the world it could possibly be doing for over a minute, but it actually tells me. The status bar at the bottom of the splash screen says it is “initializing packages”.

Is this normal? What is it doing when it initializes packages that takes so long? Can I get it to initialize packages once and for all, so it doesn’t have to take 48 seconds every time I bring up the IDE?

I’m using Ubuntu.

So it seems if I disconnect my ethernet cable, it takes 5 seconds to load. It runs fine. If I connect my ethernet cable and then try to exit the IDE, it takes a while before it will exit.

I can only conclude that the IDE is trying to "phone home" or something. How do I turn this off?

I am connected wirelessly with Win7Pro and IDE 1.8.2. Takes 12 seconds to start up. Might be faster due to running earlier today, and having a solid state hard drive. I did shut it down & restart to see if that impacted the start up speed.

1.6.9 took about 24 seconds to start up. 1.0.6 about 7 seconds. 1.8.0 about 23 seconds. 1.8.2 about the same 12 seconds after starting and closing the others.

I can try 1.8.5 and see if it takes any longer. Have to download and set it up.

1.8.5 very first start time - 23 seconds. Shutdown and restart, 12 seconds.

Maybe you have something else going on?

See if this helps or not. Is your Internet connection slow?

File | Preferences | Settings

Uncheck "Check for updates on startup"

Thanks, CrossRoads, for checking those times on your system. Yeah, there must me something else going on. I did go into the Board Manager and add a couple of board packages. I got some Blue Pill boards and wanted to try them out. I wonder if those are the packages it says it's initializing. But then why does it do it again every time I bring up the IDE? And why does it work beautifully when I have no internet connection?

@gedsports: Good idea. I had unchecked the "check for updates on startup" box when I installed. Specifically because I have had problems with automatic updates in the past, and I prefer to check for updates when I'm good and ready. But I tried checking the box again, just to see if it makes any difference. No dice.

Recent versions of the IDE have added some sort of "network ports" thing that is used only for certain rarely used boards but still bogs things down for the other 99.9% of us who don't use that feature. You might test out the beta build of the Arduino IDE to see if they've already fixed this:

Thinking maybe my Blue Pill boards were a package problem, I deleted all the stuff I could find and re-installed the IDE. Still getting the same issue.

I see another thread where some mac users are getting similar issues.

A tcpdump trace shows traffic to some and some traffic to some amazon aws site.

As far as I know, I didn't sign up for this. Is there a way to turn it off?

Well, I never did figure out what the problem was, but it got resolved in an unrelated way. While messing with plugging things into the USB port, I accidentally touched the wrong wires to the wrong places and fried my USB. The computer I was using already had problems with the USB and that was pretty much the last straw.

The family computer had Windows hose it, and it wouldn't boot. I had been putting off trying to fix it, but this gave me the excuse to claim it for myself and install Ubuntu on it. I like it a lot. I installed the Arduino IDE 1.8.5 on it, and it comes up in 2.5 seconds. I'm pretty impressed.

Wow ! that is really slow. i have an old 3960x processor with a Hyper x ssd and 16 gig of memory and my IDE 18.5 opens in less than 5 seconds and loads almost as fast to the board. sorry your having problems.

the last time i had a computer that slow i threw it out the back screen door against a brick wall and pounded it with a hammer. needless to say that is when i figured out i had an anger issue.

it sure pays to have a good computer.

For what it's worth, ran into the same problem today with 1.8.5, on a new machine (Intel 8700, 16G memory, SSD, Win10 Pro).

As others have commented, pulling the Ethernet cable seemed to shorten the IDE load time, for me from 12-15 seconds ("initializing libraries") to about 2 seconds.

I ran Wireshark, and the only thing I could see was that it took 11 seconds to issue a DNS request for the arduino site. I compared this to 1.6.8, which loads in 2 seconds, and issued a DNS lookup request almost immediately.

Out of the blue I decided to see if having VMWare and its networking structure might be related. So I deleted the virtual networks, leaving only the physical connection. Now 1.8.5 loads just fine (under 2 seconds).

Not sure if this helps for anyone else having the problem, but hope it does. May spend some more time researching in the future. Bottom line....there is something changed in the network access moving from 1.6.8 to 1.8.5.

Did you try the beta build @WaltG?

This might be related: and note that has been addressed in the beta build.

Yes, the 1.9.0 beta did indeed fix it. Thank you @pert! Interesting how it manifested itself with the addition of secondary network connections.

Thanks again.

Good to know. I must warn you that 1.9.0-beta is primarily intended for beta testing. A lot of people are using it but you might run into some bugs. Whether you decide to stick with the beta or not, it's good to now know what the cause of the issue was and also that it will not occur in the next release of the Arduino IDE.

I followed pert's advice to test with Beta 1.9 and it starts in 8 seconds, little difference from 25 to 8 seconds

The bug that caused the slow load time in Arduino IDE 1.8.5 has since been fixed. So you don't need to use the beta build anymore to avoid this. You can just use the latest stable release of the Arduino IDE (1.8.12), or even recent previous releases if for some reason you can't use 1.8.12.