HW 307 Relay Wiring Issues

Hello Arduino Forums,

Intermittent DIYer here. I am trying to get 2 HW 307 relays to flash lights independently of one another using a 12v DC source. Basic wiring:

12v Battery -> 5v Buck Convertor (MPM3610) -> Arduino

Following along with: https://arduinogetstarted.com/tutorials/arduino-relay

I have wired 5V, GND, VCC, COM, NO.

The issue: The red light stays on and the green light turns off and on according to the pin's LOW or HIGH signal. However, this does not trigger the relay (no clicking and current stays on). The relay itself is fine, as I tested it manually with 12v.

Am I not supplying enough current to the VCC from the 5v Arduino pin? If so, what is a good work around / different relay module for this?

These? https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/HW-307A-1-channel-road-relay_62554714214.html

Please draw it !!

To which Arduino pin is the 5V output of the buck converter connected? If the answer is Vin, it's wrong.

5V buck is soldered onto the barrel connector, plugged into the Arduino. And yes, one of those.

The barrel connector requires a minimum of 7 Volt.

You hook up a 5V supply to the 5V pin. And you can not have 5V from USB and on the 5V pin at the same time.

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