I²C ADC ADS1115 reads intermittent maximum voltage (6141 mV)

Hi everybody,

in my recent project I use a ADS1115 16bit 4-Ch ADC with I2C-interface connected to an ESP32.

In an unregular manner the ADC reads the maximum-voltage (6141 mV) and then hangs on it.
When I measure with a DMM the DMM shows the expected value (something around 1,3V)

So what could cause the ADC to "hang"?

As a workaround: is there any possability to "reset" this ADC?
To make it work again.

The really ugly workaround I'm using know is to execute ESP.restart();

I would be very thankful if somebody can give hints or tips

best regards Stefan

Sounds like an intermittent connection. If it is on a breadboard, that is always something to suspect. Also check the solder connections to the module header pins.

I've never seen that happen with the ADS1115, and I've used one to collect data on four channels for days at a time.

Hi @StefanL38
I don't know if it's the same as your problem, but as I saw this topic I decided to post it.

RV mineirin

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