I cant able to edit any sketch

i cant able to edit any sketch , iam using windows 7 version and i downloaded ide for windows 7 . IDE version 1.8.16 , i have tried uninstalling and installing the application several times

You cannot edit "Installed examples" as they are read only.
Open and Save As to another location.

Hi mrburnette, i have tried with new sketch , even with new sketch i am not able to edit or write

Under File > Preferences verify that "Use external editor" is not checked.

You can edit the examples, but cannot save the altered code unless you use "save as".

Is the edit window grayed out? Maybe you set the preferences to external editor? If so, uncheck the use external editor box in File, Preferences.

Hi groundFungus, yes! it worked . thanks a lot :grinning: Happy coding

Well ... that would be pretty useless then as compile forces a "save."

But I'll take the wet-noodle lashing as pastadoes not scare me.


Actually it will compile without saving. I often will bring up some example code like BlinkWithoutDelay so that I can quickly overwriting it with some code from a forum question that I want to test compile. Saves the trouble of having to create a new sketch then later delete it.

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