I cant' burn a bootloader. With Arduino Uno to Arduino nano(clone)

I have a problem because i trying burn a bootloader on my Arduino nano(clone) and my problem is this when i trying burn this bootloader i have a notification:

"avrdude: Expected signatue for Atmega168 is 1E 94 06
Double check chip or use -F to override this check
Error loading bootloader"

I'm using this method of bootloader loading:

When i'm using this method burn bootloader and I burn blink on Arduino Uno Then the LED on pin 13 also blinks in Arduino nano.

My Arduino nano have Atmega 168pa and I think this is a problem, but i dont know how repair this.

And sorry for my English.

Install this 3rd party hardware package:

It has an ATmega328PA option.

The instructions found at that page are pretty good but if you have any questions on how to use it let me know.

Thanks you. This working :smiley: