I can't Dim the AC Bulb.

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Home Automation.

Used Components:
AC Bulb. (Dim able Bulb tungsten).

As I already asked some questions and get knowledge and solutions from your side.

Now I facing another one problem.

Now I want to Dim the AC bulb. I am using fading example for dimming. But I can’t see the bulb dimming.

Before using I checked with LED. I can see the LED was Dimming. Then I moved to AC.

I made a simple AC TRIAC Circuit and connect with my Arduino. But I can’t dim the AC Bulb. It is acting like fast blinking.

Please make any related website link or forum link.

I was read this topic

I got confusion.

What is the Problem. What I need to learn and Do ?.

I have attached circuit file

AC dimmers cut individual AC cycles. Once the triac was triggered, it will stay on until the next zero crossing of the AC voltage. This means that you need a zero crossing detector, and when it triggers let pass some time before you trigger the triac. Then adjust the time delay for the intended brightness, from zero for full brightness to one half mains cycle for decreasing brightness.

Read this...might help you see...