I can't program esp32 adc pins as I want, is there a way to do this?

I am measuring analog reading voltage with adc_1 39 pin.
I'm measuring interrupt rpm with 36 pins.
34 input 3.3v.
35 input 3.3v.

If 39.34.35 pins are energized. 36 pin produces wrong value.

39.34.35 pins if it connects to gnd it fixes it.
but i can't use 353439

how do i get over this

The ESP32 has 2 ports. portA and portB. With the level of experience you have do not use port B, GPIO_NUM33+ as digital inputs. Instead use portA pins, GPIO_NUM0 to GPIO_NUM32.

You can program the ESP32 portB pins to act like portA pins by using the RTC_GPIO API with a ESP32 model S.

Thanks for your answer
but I am using GPIO_NUM 0 - GPIO_NUM 32 pin as output.
Is it possible to isolate the pins on port A from each other with software?

Using the ESP32 API and the RTC_GPIO and a ESP32 model S, you can do it.

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