I hate TrustArc

Recently due to privacy concerns I have been accessing ALL websites using incognito or private web browser modes. Before I shut down any browsers I carefully check for any cookies that have crept through and delete them. I only allow cookies from trusted sites such as Google.

Whenever I access the Arduino website, usually after a search for a technical solution, I am asked to allow cookies. No way. I reject them. There is some kind of window by a company called TrustArc (Trust - that's ironic). If you reject cookies, you have a delay which could be up to 1 minute before you can access the Arduino site. Apparently the window says "processing cookies". Any technical person knows that this delay it total ********. It is just a way to incovenience and punish anybody who rejects their cookies. They want to make people fed up of the delay such that they accept cookies. I DO NOT TRUST in any way TrustArc, so no way will I allow cookies. I hate to think what information they grab without my permission.

Perhaps it costs you nothing to use their service? I find it difficult to believe that such as respected organisation such as Arduino would like to see their customers, inconvenienced when accessing this site.

I hope in the future you consider kicking TrustArc to the kerb.


3rd post from a NOOB..Hmmm

Your choice to use OR NOT the Arduino main website.
However you are pointing your "rant" at the wrong people here.
had you done even the slightest research you would have by now realised it is almost exclusively run by and monitored by just USERS of the Arduino ecosphere such as yourself.
Very little "arduino staff" as such monitor and frequent the WHOLE forum.

Your rejection of cookies on many many websites (not just Arduino) will severely limit your interaction on those (and this) site.
While I applaud your approach I find it a little too severe to make full use of the WHOLE internet.
Have you considered the same approach to all the sites that now require your consent for cookies (which can be wiped quickly and easily BTW) ?
If so how did they respond if at all ?

It is what is termed a "Like it or lump it" scenario.

Many thousands of users of the site don't mind. We cater for the masses not a few individuals who seem to take it too far IMHO.

PC has taken over the world and sometimes there has to be a break point which again is MHO.


PS. moving to bar sport.

An alternative secure approach is to use something like PuppyLinux which can run from a USB stick and consequently can be used in a mode in which every time it starts it has no memory of previous sessions. That way there is no reason to prevent cookies during a session.


I DO NOT TRUST in any way TrustArc

I only allow cookies from trusted sites such as Google.


Your use of the word "incognito" implies that perhaps you are using Chrome in your quest for privacy. I can't even think of an apt analogy for that. Really, if you want privacy then the first step is to get off of google.

Use the Tor browser if you want to stay private. And a VPN. Incognito just hides your porn sites from the wife.

Incognito just hides your porn sites from the wife.

That would be very mean.


OP google uses cookies, they also monitor your search history, this allows them to have targeted ads.

If I was paranoid as you, google would be one of the sites I did not allow to have cookies.

..... I only allow cookies from trusted sites such as Google......

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There are browsers which claim to do less monitoring than Google.

Cookies are a problem, I try to avoid them but it is next to impossible. Even if sites are not installing cookies I am sure some are recording IP addresses. What really annoys me is when sites have options to let you select how cookies are used but they make it so damn complicated and hard you really cannot do it - I tend to just abandon them unless I really really need to see the site.