I Made A New LED Sign

Hi everyone here is the finished LED sign I was talking about in another part of the forum.

Good work !

Glad you are sticking with your hobby.

Your voice is changing :wink:

Thanks! And yes a lot of people have been telling me that :grinning:

Sometimes a project enclosure looks better with a matte/flat finish.

Less finger prints, less dust :wink:

Ya I definitely would've liked to have a less shiny black, but that was what I had to work with so I had to role with it. I'm definitely going to get some flat paint when I have the chance.

Also, it might be time for you to learn to avoid screws showing on the outside to your project cases; a bit more professional looking.

Ya definitely. The wood I use is really thin so I can't use counter-sunk screws, unfortunately. Do you have any suggestions?

Hidden foot mounting screws.

See post #105

See post #110

See post 175

  • Make these hidden feet form thin plywood or plastic.
  • The screw head is within the bottom part of the foot.
  • The top of the foot is glued to the bottom.
  • The nut is tightened so the screw cannot turn.
  • Glue the bottom to the inside of the case at the location here you need a standoff; let dry.
  • Mount your component on the hidden foot screw and add a 2nd nut to the 2mm screw.

Make these 'Hidden Mounting Screws' ahead of time so they are ready to use when needed.

Thanks, I'll look into it.

The main problem I have is that in the LED sign that I just made, the screws were being used to hold on the front panel.

Not sure why you couldn’t have used two internal hidden screw assemblies.

What do you mean by that?

The two Phillips head screws on the top of your sign must be holding an internal ‘something’.

Those two screws are an example of what could be replaced by the hidden screw mounting idea.

Those two screws aren't holding anything inside. They are there so that if you want to hang the sign on a wall you can put string in between them and hang the middle of the string on a nail or thumbtack.

You get the idea though.

Ya, I getcha. Thanks for your tips!

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