I really need help with audio and bluetooth!


I would really appreciate if someone could please help my situation and answer some questions for me.

Firstly, I would like to know, if I connect a bluetooth module to my Arduino nano, for example:


I would then like to connect my speakers to the Arduino and connect my phone to the bluetooth. How do I transmit audio to the bluetooth module and play music through the speakers?

My second question is, I would also like to connect NeoPixels to the Arduino (separate power source), would I be able to control those with the same device via bluetooth?

Once I understand if all this is possible can someone PLEASE HELP ME :confused: as to how I achieve this.
How would this be coded? Any guides or advice? :o

The power source for the Arduino is 9V, the device is an Android Phone, the NeoPixels are powered up by a seperate 5V power source

Thanks :slight_smile: