I will make 2-axis gimbal with BLDC motor. plz help me.

hi. i will make 2-axis BLDC gimbal for contol hand tremor.

i prepared it.
motor : bgm4108-130T (http://www.amazon.com/NEEWER®-4108-130-Brushless-Gimbal-Multicopter/dp/B00FHUZ18E)

sensor : mpu5060

microprocessor : arduino uno(for PID motor control) + arduino nano(for gyro sensor & hand input LPF filter)

and then i need ESC. the motor needs 10A ESC. so i serch "10A esc w/reverse" because motor can run forward & reverse direction during running.

so i serch hobbyking brushless car esc 10a w/reverse (http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__23766__HobbyKing_Brushless_Car_ESC_10A_w_Reverse.html)

now, i really don't know how i can control motor's direction & speed. because ESC's input is ppm signal.

please teach me how can i control motor with arduino & ESC. and how wire them.

You can't drive a gimbal motor usefully with an ESC, they need a control loop with electrical
phase feedback (vector control). Some people do re-flash them, but you also need rapid update,
many kHz, which doesn't work with standard servo pulses.

You need a gimbal motor controller, or to make your own, or find the people who've reflashed ESCs
to perform as one...

Buy one of the gimbal control boards with the Arduino chip already on it I think the open source brushless group, whose name escapes me right now, will have links for where to buy the hardware. An ESC is NOT the right thing to buy.

You could probably use their code too. The mathematics gets pretty complex.