I2C LCD Display Backlight

I've been using a Seeed Grove I2C RGB LCD display - the monochrome red/black model.

I've got it working OK with the recommended Grove_RGB_LCD_Backlight library using wire.h and rgb_lcd.h. I was hoping to be able to turn off the backlight to put the device into a lower power mode but I can't find a way to do it. I tried likely looking commands like noDisplay, setRGB and blink, but nothing seems to affect the backlight.

Is it possible, or have I picked the wrong display?


Did you read this?

The datasheet says the backlight is hardwired directly to the power inputs. No software control in contrast to the PIC based 16x2 LCD controllers

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Thanks guys. I did read as much stuff as I could find but was misled by the fact that the RGB version does allow backlight manipulation. But as you say the data sheet is clear.

Thanks again, David

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