I'd rather pay 2 euros per month than buying a 40€ arduino mini

Hi everybody,

arduino mini limited edition 40€. Aha.

I'd rather pay 2€ per month for the userforum (to support arduino.cc)
than buying a microcontroller for 40€.

Ok it is a limited edition so something for "collectors".
Not my way of supporting arduino.


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No not mini but the duplo one. But it has to have an ESP32 inside with status-LEDs in the eyes.
USB-connector at the back of the head - Matrix-like

best regards Stefan

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Maybe if it came with a Lego minifigure of Massimo Banzi..?


Outrageous, especially considering the price of competing products of similar (or higher) performance. They could come out with a regular price and a supporting price, making clear that you are not just buying a product in the second case, but making a contribution on top of your purchase. Or they could ask for donations straightaway.

They do:

Or if you prefer GitHub Sponsors:

That depends how you see it. People also pay extreme prices for art so if you look at it as art, there is no problem :wink:

Would I buy it? No. I'm not into art and it seems to have a non-standard form factor.

A classic Uno has non-standard pin spacing too, but at least shields have become a sort of informal standard of their own, and they are plentiful. Or you can get a Nano with male pins and stick it into a breadboard. That "work of art" even has solder holes, like I'm going to sacrifice a board of that price into a permanent installation. But thinking about it, to do that I'd have to buy the board first, which I won't any time soon, so no problem for me.

Pin spacing is not the same as form factor :smiley:

Shields use what I referred to as the standard form factor.

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